How much does N2 cost?

Your monthly bill consists of your months subscription fee + traffic usage charge for your volume in the the period just ended.

Update 26 August 2020 New signups have been switched to our new weekly plans. This reduces initial cost for new customers of trying N2. The new pricing is listed below. Existing customers on our Monthly plan can remain on that monthly plan until they cancel.

The pricing consists off:

  1. Signup fee: $0
  2. Base subscription: $15/week
  3. Optional Fraud Detection addon: $25/week
  4. Click cost: In addition to the fixed monthly fee you will be billed for your click usage during the previous period.

The click cost charged depends on your volume and whether you are using just tracking or have Fraud Detection enabled on your campaigns. We always charge you the cheapest rate based on your actual volume.

We do not charge for events like Voluum - eg conversions, post backs, data enhancement calls are all free. Fraud Detection blocked clicks only incur the tracking click fee - they do not incur a Fraud Detection click fee.

The click cost are charged based on your total usage for the previous period. There is no need to buy clicks in advance.

When your subscription renews - we count the total clicks used for each type & use the total to determine your pricing band.

What are the cost per click?

Here are the bands for each click type:

Base click fee

  • Upto 250k click: $0.05 cpm
  • 250k to 500k clicks: $0.04 cpm
  • 500k to 1m clicks: $0.03 cpm
  • Over 1m clicks: $0.02 cpm

Fraud Detection add on fee

If Fraud Detection is enabled on your campaign you will also be charged for the FD clicks that are not filtered/blocked. Here are the pricing bands:

  • Upto 250k click: $2.50 cpm
  • 250k to 500k clicks: $1.25 cpm
  • 500k to 1m clicks: $1.00 cpm
  • Over 1m clicks: $0.90 cpm

Can you give some examples of total cost?

Sure. To make comparison with other services easier we are using our Montly plans below.

Example 1: Tracking Only

If you use tracking only, and used 350k clicks in the period before your renewal you will be charged $63, which consists of:

  • N2 base plan: $49
  • Tracking click cost: $0.04 x 350,000 / 1000 = $14

Example 2: Low volume Fraud Detection user

Using Fraud Detection filtering for all your traffic, and running 130k clicks per month, of which 110k see your money page, you would be charged $429.50 (vs $591 on Fraud Detection Classic), consisting off:

  • N2 base plan: $49
  • Fraud Detection add-on: $99
  • Tracking click cost: $0.05 x 130,000 / 1000 = $6.50
  • Fraud Detection click charge: $2.50 x 110,000 / 1000 = $275

Example 3: Medium volume Tracking & Fraud Detection user

Assuming you used a total of 750k clicks, of which 350k were not blocked by Fraud Detection, your total charge will be $608, made up of the following components:

  • N2 base plan: $49
  • Fraud Detection add-on: $99
  • Tracking click cost: $0.03 x 750,000 / 1000 = $22.50
  • Fraud Detection click charge: $1.25 x 350,000 / 1000 = $437.50

When can I change to the Monthly plan?

The monthly plan is slightly cheaper then the weekly plan. We are happy to change you to the monthly plan at the point you have been with us for 3 or more months. Please get in touch with N2 support on Telegram to request this change.