Signup & Account questions

Here are some common account questions

How to signup?

You can signup for N2 by going to and clicking the Buy Now or Signup link on the page.

When you get access, you will get an password reset email so you can set your login password.

See below for more detail about the password reset flow.

How to login?

Open in your browser. This will redirect you to a website on

If you bookmark the login page, please make sure you bookmark The auth0 url will expire every few hours.

If you have an active login session, you will see your dashboard straight away.

If not - you will be redirected to a login page, like this:

Login form at

If you have logged in before, but your session expired, you will see this easy “re-login” option:

Active Login Session

If this is the first time you login, you may be asked to authorise our app to connect to your login:

n2 App Authorisation

What is

Auth0 is the service we use to provide secure login. If you are not logged in, will redirect you to the login form on Auth0, with an URL that starts with a domain like

We use Auth0’s Universal Identity Platform because they provide a robust security architecture and features providing adaptive multi-layer security, designed by world-class security experts.

If you have logged in before, but your session expired, you will see this easy “re-login” option:

Re login

How to logout?

To logout, click your profile/avatar button, and click the “Logout” link

Logout button

How to reset your password?

If you don’t remember your password, or you need to change your password, open in your browser.

If your still logged in - make sure your logged out first.

You will be redirected to the login screen.

Click the “Dont remember your password” link.

Enter your account email. If you cant remember your account email, contact us at support.

Wait for the password reset email, it should arrives within a minute and look like this and was sent from our support email [email protected].

Password reset

Click the link in the email and enter a secure password (twice for confirmation) and click the green button.

Set password

You will then be taken to your n2 dashboard.

Do you offer 2 factor authentication?

Right now we do not offer 2 factor authentication, but will be adding this in the future.