Self hosted tracker & traffic filter with a central dashboard

Your privacy is key to us. Your campaign settings and traffic data is stored on your own nodes.

Unlike other self hosted trackers, N2 has a central, cloud based, dashboard so you can manage all your campaigns from one place, across all your servers.

Central Dash and Nodes

At N2 we believe your self hosted servers should focus on handling your traffic & storing your sensitive data.

But having many nodes to check for traffic stats is a pain in the ass. So for N2 we created a central dashboard, giving you an overview of all your campaigns.

Other trackers run everything from the same server. So when you run a heavy report, you start seeing click loss. With N2 we do the heavy lifting, so your servers can focus on handling traffic.

Easy to install

It is super easy to install with a single copy & paste command!

N2 does not have any dependencies. It does not need PHP, Mysql, or Apache/Nginx. You can run it on any host.

Tracking without Redirects & Pixels

N2 is also the first tracker that can provide analytics for your campaigns without using slow redirects, blocked cookies, or annoying pixels.

Pages start loading faster because there is no redirect.

You don’t need to worry about adding landing page pixels. And there are no cookies that get blocked either.

Since there is no landing page pixel, stats are far more accurate.

You own your data

Your campaign settings & tracking data are stored on your servers. We dont have access to this data.

How do I signup?

N2 is a private tracker & analytics platform. You can only signup if you have been invited, or if you are a Fraud Detection customer.

How to get support?

Support is available in your private, invite only, support chat on Telegram. Search for chats containing N2. If you cant find one, please email us at [email protected].

How is N2 Different?

N2 is a radical change from how other solutions works. It is a complete new product that combines key features from Site proxying, tracking and traffic filtering, with simplified pricing.

  • It is the only true redirect/cookie less traffic tracking & filtering solution
  • Its allows simple site proxying and content substitution
  • N2 runs a Golang backend with our own custom optimised tracking database. This removes the need for old, complex and slow technology like mysql/php
  • N2 nodes are capable of handling millions of clicks on minimal hardware
  • It supports complex funnels
  • It has a central dashboard but still ensures your campaign data is hosted on your own servers
  • You no longer need to estimate your traffic and pre-buy clicks - we charge our best price based on your actual usage
  • Tracking cost is 30-40% cheaper then Voluum, and we only charge for the click, not the events following the click like conversions and postbacks

Currently, n2 does not support the following features. Most of these are on our roadmap. If they are important to you please let us know in the Telegram chat.

  • scheduling
  • events
  • custom filter templates
  • pagelock (not needed in n2 as there is no redirect)

How do I know its reliable?

N2 is the result of multi year development by an experienced team. Before we released N2 in early 2020, it went through multiple alpha and beta testing stages with a select group of marketers running well over 200m clicks through N2.